Map of Port Pirie South

Street Map of Port Pirie South (South Australia), Australia. Below map you can see Port Pirie South street list. If you click on street name, you can see position on the map.

Port Pirie South in South Australia state on the street map:


List of streets in Port Pirie South (sa)

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Abattoirs Rd
Afford Rd
Afton St
Agett Pl
Amelia St
Arnold St
Balmoral Rd
Batty St
Bauer St
Beaumont Av
Benedict Ct
Bolivar Cr
Brown St
Butterick St
Cashmore St
Clayton St
Cleasby St
Collins St
South Copinger Rd
Cottell St
Dawson St
Degenhardt St
Dey St
Dianne St
Dobbin Dr
Dorothy St
Drage St
Dunkley St
Edward St
Elizabeth St
Esmond Rd
Eunice St
Evans St
Fetcher Ct
Fitzgerald St
Gillett St
Glasson St
Greer St
Grey Tce
Harris Rd
Hilda St
Hillview Rd
Hughes St
Ian St
Ingerson St
James St
Jeffery St
Jellicoe St
John St
Key St
Kingston Rd
Knapman St
Lacey St
Magor Rd
Mallyon St
Marrietta St
Maude St
Murdoch St
Murn St
O'loughlin Av
Old Racecourse Rd
Oliver St
Osborne St
Parham St
Patterson St
Paul St
Pelham Rd
Phillis St
Piper St
Pirie St
Plantation Cr
Port Broughton Rd
Pugsley St
Radnor St
Railway Tce
Ramsay St
Reginald St
Ronald St
Roper St
Sampson St
Searle St
Short St
Simpson Rd
Smith St
Steamtrain Rd
The Terrace
Three Chain Rd
Una Av
Veale St
Victoria St
Wandearah Rd
Warren St
Wauchopes Rd
Williams St
Wood St
Yates St
Zeta St